Home office vs life

It’s now been a month and a half…

A month and a half that the unexpected has happened: having to work from home, locked down with my 5-year old and our four-legged friends. Such a strange mix of emotions. At first, there was frustration. A lot of frustration! I wasn’t satisfied with myself. Though I was working from (very) early in the morning until (very) late at night, caring for my child, improvising school at home and making sure I wasn’t dropping any ball at work, I couldn’t seem to do anything at a 100%. This is very difficult to accept for a control freak… and then something clicked. I didn’t know how long this situation would last but one thing was certain: I wasn’t going to suffer any longer. Therefore, I had to transform this crisis into an opportunity.

Something had to give in so that joy could pop out of fear and flow around our home. I had to replace the nervous fatigue with sheer energy, so that we could all bloom. So there it was, I learned that doing my best was (quite) enough. And moreover, I learned to live with that idea and enjoy it. How liberating!

Suddenly life was rushing back into the house, and together with it the fun and the salutary naughtiness. I developed a routine which enabled us to keep the balance and remain afloat, I did not try to do everything perfectly, I just tried to do what was necessary. What is most important, we traded the anxiety of underachieving for the acceptance of who we are.

You cannot contain life, you can only help if flow.

The challenge now? To keep doing so even when the world picks up its speed again. But that’s where the fun resides. There is always something new to experience.

To be continued…

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