My name is Katia, I am 47, mother to a lively 6 year-old, unstoppable dog-lover (I have 3…) and curious about all the things life is throwing at me. I have lived many different lives in one and I intend to keep exploring the magic of the universe as long as I breathe. Actress, PA to the CEO of a Private Bank and Certified Face Yogi, I don’t fit in any box and that’s how I like it. Glam’n Rock is my way of life, my style and I would love to share my journey and the bits and pieces I have learned along the way with you, because I believe:

natural is badass

laughing (a lot) makes beautiful

being creative is a state of mind – you can shape both your face and your life

everyone is unique – so are you

knowledge doesn’t belong to anyone – learn from the best and pass it on

differences are meant to be cultivated, not erased – there isn’t one kind of beautiful

life is too short to ever feel (or look) bored

everyone should learn to move their ears – I did, so can you

and yes, unicorns exist!

So if you feel you are too young to start looking your age, check out the classes I offer or fill in the contact page. Together we can find the way to your boldest and most radiant self.